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Restoration of Hearts Ministries

Restoration of Hearts ministry is led by Evangelist Dr. Viktor Koroteyev. Under his leadership, evangelistic crusades for adults and children, seminars, conferences, and charity events are held in many countries. Restoration of Hearts ministry is also active in planting new churches, Bible schools, orphanages, and centers for widows in: USA, India, Kenya, Uganda, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Tanzania, the DR Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Philippines, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Burma, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, Honduras, El Salvador and others.

Our mission is to raise an army of missionaries and ignite people and churches with a passion for the final harvest. Join with us as we expand the Kingdom of God!

Just as the eagle was designed to fly, we were designed to be in God’s presence and fulfill His will. If we are soaring in God’s territory, then we have a Godly passion and our service to people and to God isn’t a burden, but rather a joy and a blessing!

Biography of Dr. Rev. Viktor Koroteyev

Evangelist Dr. Viktor Koroteyev was born and raised in a Christian family in Astrakhan, Russia. He now resides in Vancouver, Washington with his wife, Yelena, and four children: David, Jennifer, Mark, and Christina. Pastor Koroteyev leads Restoration of Hearts ministry. Under his leadership, evangelistic crusades for adults and children, seminars, conferences, and charity events are held in: United States, India, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Burma, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Peru, Canada, the DR Congo, Zambia, Philippines, Ethiopia, Israel, Honduras, El Salvador and other countries. He has ministered in more than 48 countries, preaching the Gospel to thousands of people. Amazing miracles and sign have confirmed God’s presence at the services. Dr. Viktor Koroteyev is the host of Beyond The Horizon, a TV and radio program. He has also authored several books. Looking Through a Glass, Dimly (he wrote with Valentina Podrez)was translated and printed in English, Russian, Ethiopian and Burmese.

Jesus did good. We try to be like him because we believe that GOD loves the WORLD through US. Like he sent Jesus to Earth to show his love, by his presence on Earth, so today he sends US.

Mother Teresa

Restoration of Hearts ministry, led by Evangelist Dr. Viktor Koroteyev, greatly impacts people all around the world. The ministry name itself reveals our purpose- reaching people’s hearts. A definition of “restoration” is to return to the original, former condition; spiritual, emotional, or physical. Each one of us was created by God, in God’s image and likeness. We were perfect and lacked nothing. The enemy and sin quickly destroyed man both physically and spiritually through sickness, poverty, hunger, depression, addiction, etc.

Jesus gave us the great commission to find these people and “restore” their lives by His Spirit and through material provisions according to their needs (Mark 16:15-18). Every hour, hundreds of people die for various reasons without ever being offered any help. We may not be able to save millions but we can help some. This story illustrates it well:

A man was walking along the ocean shore when he noticed a boy picking something up out of the sand and throwing it into the ocean. As he got closer, he saw that the boy was throwing starfish. They were all around him. The entire shore was covered in them, it looked like there was a million starfish in the sand. “Why are you throwing the starfish in the ocean?” asked the man. Without pause, the boy answered, “If they stay on the shore until tomorrow morning, when the low tide comes, they will die.” “Well that is just unwise” yelled the man, “look around you, there are millions of them here, the shore is covered in them, you won’t make a difference.” The boy picked up another starfish, thought for a moment, and threw it in the ocean, responding “No, my effort will make a big difference for this starfish.” Then the man also picked up a starfish and threw it into the ocean. And then another. That night, there were many people on the shore, everyone throwing the starfish into the ocean. When the sun rose the next morning, there was not a single starfish in the sand.

What an amazing story. What if we started to respond to the pain of those near us and extended a helping hand? The world would change, the darkness would be gone, and God’s kingdom would spread and death would not be able to hold back the Spirit of God and his power.

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